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March 27 to April 7 2017, Artistic Anatomy workshop of Head and Bust

Instructors: Llewellyn Matthews and Marusia Nita
A two week intensive workshop designed to provide a complete anatomical foundation for successful portraiture. We will focus on both the 2 and 3 dimensional aspects of the head and upper torso.
Mornings will start with a lectures on anatomy theory and practical examples from great artists. There is a special focus on the important muscles of expression. Mornings will finish with drawing exercises exploring the topic of the day.
Afternoons will be devoted entirely to creating a life-sized ecorche of the head and bust. Participants will solidify their understanding of the anatomy and take home a beautiful finished artwork.

Cost is 950 euro for the two weeks. (60 hours for two weeks)
Monday to Friday
Mornings: 9:30 – 12:30
Aftenoons: 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Please contact us for further information.


October/November 2016, Cheng Jie’s large scale portraiture

Studio Sapiti hosted artist Cheng Jie who demonstrated his method of large scale portraiture in October and November of 2016.


October 2016, Victor Caulfield Collection

Studio Sapiti hosted the Victor Caulfield Collection in October 2016. Victor Caulfield has generously shared his time as a model over the past five years to students, emerging and established artists. The end result is a collection now numbering approximately 50 paintings by diverse artists of the same subject.
This collection represents an incredible undertaking and an important learning experience for artists as we examine different approaches to the same subject. At its best, a painted portrait is not necessarily photographic but captures something unique about the sitter in the eyes of the artist.